Fertilam is a renowned assisted reproduction center, located within the Professional Tower Corazones Unidos in the exclusive sector of Naco in Santo Domingo. has the necessary resources to perform Low and High Complexity Assisted Reproduction procedures, as are essentially Artificial Insemination (IIU) In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) all within an atmosphere of comfort and modernism, without losing the essential, professionalism, and human and personalized treatment.

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Management Team

Magda Alvarez Menicucci

Magda Alvarez Menicucci

Administrative Manager

Magda Alvarez is the Administrative Manager of FERTILAM. She is a Systems Engineer graduated from INTEC University since 1987. She did advanced studies of English in Vermont and basic and advanced French studies in the French Alliance. He has vast experience in management and business in the medical and health sector.
Ramon Lopez Alvarez

Ramon Lopez Alvarez

Marketing Manager

He graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE since 2011 as a professional in marketing. He studied Master’s Degree in Online Marketing at the University of Barcelona. He has an experience in the area since 2011 in Advising in Marketing work to other infertility centers in the Dominican Republic.
Elba Vasquez

Elba Vasquez

Administrative Assisntant

  • Executive Secretariat Course
  • Human Relations
  • Mid-level Studies in Accounting and Administration.
“I offer the best of myself, as a human being in the first place, and then as a professional, putting at my service my experience in the study and management of infertility, assisted reproduction and gynecological disorders in general.”


Gynecologist Specialist in Assisted Reproduction

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